Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality and Shenzhen Urban Planning & land Resources Resea


A few days ago, Xu Hongtao, the department chief of Urban Planning, Land & Resources Commission of Shenzhen Municipality, and Liao Yongsheng, the deputy director, and Gu Xin, the director of Shenzhen Urban Planning & land Resources Research Center, and Gu Haibo, the deputy director, with their officers made a special trip to Whaleoffshore for investigation research. Li Lanfang, the Chairman of Whaleoffshore, and Xu Sheng, the general manager with the leading executives warmly received them and held a meeting.

At the meeting, Mr Xu Hongtao, the department chief, expressed the purpose and requirements of the survey and hoped that both sides could conduct in-depth and professionally exchange on how to build a strong ocean city.

During this period, Ms. Li lanfang firstly introduced the general situation of the company to Mr Xu Hongtao and his delegation. She also expressed her willingness to contribute to the development of building a strong ocean city. After that, Mr. Xu sheng, reported on the research and development of Whaleoffshore in the areas of south China sea control and Marine tourism development in recent years, and highlighted the innovative projects such as Marine carnival and whale island.

After hearing the report, both sides held heated discussions and expressed their willingness to strengthen communication and cooperation and work together to build a strong ocean city.

Nearly 20 years of precipitation is the solid foundation of whaleoffshore in innovation,. Introdudcing high-quality projects with market potential constantly and constructing global ocean center city for Shenzhen, is the unremitting pursuit of Whaleoffshore.