Annual Celebration Special


    From July 2000 to July 2018, this year was WhaleOffshore's 18th birthday.

    18 years old, for a person's life is only just beginning, for a business, this is a prosperous age, is a company's most brilliant high-speed development period. The market is changing rapidly, the city is changing rapidly, by Wheelsea youth overflowing, walking on the road.
Whale Offshore, happy birthday!

    This birthday, in line with the ritual sense of the rite of passage, by Wheelsea will launch the 18 anniversary of the special, a total of "major events" "Characters" and "birthday" three special, please look forward to.

Write it in front.

18 load winter, leaving behind one moment after another, the project is accumulating, the team is growing, by Wheelsea is growing in one step. It is also because of the focus on the marine industry market in 18, we harvest dozens of patents and independent intellectual property rights. 18 the improvement of the internal management system, more than 1400 projects successfully delivered precipitation, a wide range of international market interaction, is the by Wheelsea R & amp; d center of the firm Rock. By Wheelsea provides employees with more than just work, but a warm attitude to life.

Team excursions, festive celebrations, birthday parties, no doubt bring to the staff is also vibrant, colorful life.
2018 is the year of by Wheelsea Artificial intelligence landing, on the occasion of the 18 anniversary, the successful creation of artificial intelligence R & amp; d projects to achieve a phased victory.

「Look back」

「big event」


As the rings of the years sailed into the 2000, everyone strutted towards a new 21st century.
That is, this year, Wheelsea set up, the company is located in the most attractive open city-Shenzhen, located in the mountains and the sea, beautiful scenery of the snake mouth.

July 13 Beijing's successful Olympic bid, the same year China's accession to the WTO, for the integration of the marine oil industry to create more opportunities, but also this year began to by Wheelsea gradually on track.

Venezuela's political turmoil, as the world's fifth-largest oil exporter at the time, halted oil exports, causing international oil prices to soar.

By Wheelsea completed the Pacific375 self-lifting rig project in collaboration with the Singapore PPL Shipyard, the same year we moved to the next level, moving the company to the 5 floor of Seaview Square


October 24 China's first lunar exploration satellite, "Chang ' E One", was successfully launched at the Xichang Launch Center.
At the same time, by Wheelsea completed the transformation of China Sea oil clothing "HYSY931" self-lifting drilling platform.
2008 This year's China is shocking, the beginning of the snowstorm, Wenchuan earthquake let us are united together to fight the natural disaster, Beijing successfully hosted the Olympic Games and let the world moved and praised. By Wheelsea also continued to grow, signed a self-lifting drilling platform detailed design and plant design contract, completed the "Exploration No. third" semi-submersible platform upgrade ...
After the Wenchuan earthquake, the company also specially organized a donation ceremony ...

When new China celebrates its 60 birthday, by Wheelsea completes the detailed design and production design of offshore oil 936, and the whole design has reached the world-class level.


The world Exposition, held in Shanghai on the theme of "City, Make life better", attracted countless people, which is another big event in China.
This year, by Wheelsea ushered in the establishment of the company's 10 anniversary.


The East Japan earthquake triggered the tsunami, the explosion of the Fudao nuclear power plant, triggered a worldwide nuclear crisis, while allowing us to start thinking about the power of science and technology.
This year, by Wheelsea was named the National high-tech enterprise.


China's refined oil prices again, a record high, fully entered the "8 Yuan era."
In the same year, by Wheelsea Houston Branch was established.

This year, by Wheelsea undertook the first Shenzhen government scientific research project, the same year, Tianjin Branch was established.

This year, by Wheelsea successively launched the SE-200 and SE-300 series of self-promotion multi-purpose platform, in this series, we have fully independent intellectual property rights.

This year we undertook several more government projects.


China entered the 13th five-year planning cycle, the future trend of China's social and economic development is the attention.
This year, we appeared in the United States OTC, although not the first time, but is more than ever a full harvest.


Known as the first year of the "AI" application in the 2017, it is the rapid development of artificial intelligence, from the marvel of the evolution of Alpha Dog change, to the discomfort of the network Red Robot Sofia's micro expression, every development of artificial intelligence has aroused people's excitement, curiosity and uneasiness.
In the same year, the Maritime Intelligent Detection system, led by Mr. by Wheelsea Changyufei, won second place in the International Ocean Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (MIEC).

Wonderful is still going on, just as the World Cup is still in a fierce race, by Wheelsea is still struggling, looking forward to our next 18 years ...

"Showcase The Future"
18, is an extraordinary node,
It represents more than just the years a company has gone through.
is a way of thinking, a kind of corporate culture
A soul that has been precipitated after a test.
By Wheelsea the belief that the firm was founded at the beginning of its existence
We believe: Do not forget the first heart, the future can be.